if any of you find yourselves in NYC on new years eve, my good friends the whoa! and billy is gray are hosting a party. come through, get loose and make questionable decisions.

friday image dump

have a good long weekend y'all!

world war II from space

amazing re-interpretation of the timeline of world war II...from space. trust me when i say you have to watch this full screen.

World War II From Space from YMAMD on Vimeo.

fresh off the boat: la la land

eddie huang stays killin' it with the latest edition of  his fresh off the boat series. check parts 2 and 3 after the jump.

typo tuesday (belated)

this was dropped by yours truly. part of an upcoming type project.

gif wrapped

gift wrap trap

yes, i am on a bit of a trap kick (big whoop gtfo). check this latest mixtape installment by my main man the whoa!

i think it's a trap (mixtape)

dj totally stoked kills it with this ass swingin' trap mix.
you in BK on new years? rad. swing by capri social club (in greenpoint) and make out with a stranger while she spins music to make love to your old lady by. see you there...

merry x-mas...fight!

gettin' it in at the 11th hour (literally). hope you and your family are having a merry one today (or what's left of it). peep how they celebrate in takanakuy, peru. inspiration for festivus? you be the judge...

friday image dump

the world didn't end (DUH), so let's celebrate with some internet nonsense.


just re stumbled across this awesome interview/convo with gonz and hosoi. two of skateboardings biggest game changers - they obviously respect and admire eachother, given the accolades each has for the other. comedy check: the part at the end, when hosoi admits writing the exact same message to every single chick he met on tour! haha pure gold.

scream booth

yours truly got caught in a rage. now it's on the intranets...

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