throwback videos

always loved this song and never really knew it had a video. especially one like this. nothing says friday like indian thick jawns...

Indian Thick Jawn - Diplo from System D-128 on Vimeo.

typo tuesday BONUS: dusty signs

this guy is KILLIN' it in the hand painted sign game. owner and painter of Dusty Signs, in minneapolis, mn, Dan has a sick grasp on typography and execution. i simply LOVE the fact somebody is still keeping this craft alive. keep doing you Dan...keep doing you.

typo tuesday

this gem was dropped via

geeking out before bed time

Com Truise 'FairLight' from 10lb Pictures on Vimeo.

animated at night

this excellent animation, by Malika Favre, is not only cute and cheeky but so simply well done. give it a peek. (no pun intended...ok yeah sort of)

Hide&Seek - Malika Favre from Kemistry Gallery on Vimeo.

doodle alert!

just started doodling this idea for a future running club graphic. would you want to run around with this on your chest?

your best friend

snooze tunes

coming in hot off a ridiculously debaucherous weekend in the poconos and am exhausted. think i might put this song on to drift off to dreamland:

rando image dump

kickin' it

check out andres iniesta (mostly in puppet form), in nikes new campaign. also swing by hypebeast and check out his interview.