the house of the cos

No joke. This is probably my favorite thing on the internets right now.

double shirt of love

"Just because I'm in love with you, doesn't mean that I want you and can't live without you."

USA v. Brazil - It's all Friendly

Tomorrow night, at The Meadowlands! Sure it's just a friendly, but I for one will be there supporting. If your in the area, do come out and show some love for our beloved Yanks! I for one will be taking a cue from the above fans, and formatting a toga out of the American flag, to deal with this ungodly heat (male appropriate of course). See you at the pitch! U-S-A!!!

Street Meat

This guy holds down 46th st. with an iron fist ... er ... I mean spatula.

first post: shots from deutschland

Kicking it off with a variety of Berlin area scenery. More after the jump.

Park Sansoucci - Potsdam