never let summer die

summer may be over, but my imagination is keeping me there while i watch this beautiful video. my imagination is also telling me i can ride waves like this...

Glass Curtains from Turkeymelt on Vimeo.

welcome to the sex dungeon

clifton phiefer lee is dealin!

and I was lucky enough to see them from these dope seats with some great friends. big thanks to Danne (one of the best dudes I know) for an amazing belated bday gift. and most importantly...GO PHILLIES!!

purrrfect soul

thanks jen!

top 10ers

just put together a little mixtape of top 10 goals from the top 4 leagues in europe last season. (a little late i know). i dunno about you but cisse's strike for newcastle takes the cake for me. how about you? what's yours? winner get's a billy ocean cassette tape.

Italy // Serie A

England // Premiere League

Spain // La Liga

Germany // Bundesliga

cira center

longing lurker