inked and faded


header skills on display by the little pea himself. (try to ignore the commentator who sounds like he is about to fall asleep). a lovely gem of a banger.

so long, goodbye...

science + animated gifs = awesome

part of a series of magnetic resonance imaging of various fruits and veggies.
the above is  of a pumpkin. check out more here.

thanks to jen

passed remix

four floors dubbed out by diplo. the drop on this is the bees cheese.

a look to the west

dempsey 2 green 0

deuce had a real cracker today against the hammers as they ended up drawing 1-1 in a pretty decent show of play from both clubs. although i normally cheer on the hammers (my apologies to jay), i can't deny the pride of seeing a fellow countrymen blaze one in the back of the net with such skill and vigor! perhaps mister hughes will find a regular starting spot for him on the squad?

take a sip from the pool