as illus it gets

i could not find who this gem was dropped by. if you know holler at me

workin' on it: what smells?

another product of a slow afternoon. BTW-farts are still funny.

odessa: homeless seeds

as you know, i rarely post much socially entailed things on here, but this photo essay was too striking to not speak of. there are reportedly 3000 homeless children in odessa, but the true number is probably double that. most are stricken with massive drug problems, hiv and various other std's. i'm not going to front; it's pretty intense.

see the entire series at EnglishRussia

break up to make up

Adios LA from Christopher Szadkowski on Vimeo.

artist jon jackson decided to leave his long time residence of la la land for the much cooler (literally and figuratively) pastures of nyc. this video documents a series of billboards he put up in his neighborhood, giving his longtime city a proper break up.

sorry la. you just don't cut it.

workin' on it

a random graphic i did a la some down time

snowed in

hello bass

courtesy of the Whoa!

fleep floopin'

i have been laughing my ass off to this for the last month or so and finally got around to posting it. enjoy...

silky joe's hallway